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Re-Roofing Checklist for Homeowners

Many homeowners are overwhelmed when confronted with the necessity of having their homes re-roofed. It isn’t always the price which confuses them but the sheer magnitude of other seemingly unrelated repairs or new installations which might be suggested at the time of re-roofing. While this checklist is in no way complete, here are some of the most common services your roofer might suggest after having inspected your roof. Chances are, when you understand how each of these services correlate to roofing in general, you will understand why it is in your best interest to at least entertain the possibility that your roofer isn’t trying to sell you unnecessary services and products.

Chimney Work

It probably never dawned on you that a damaged roof could also be the cause of problems with your fireplace and chimney. Much of the time, a roof that has aged or become damaged to the point where it becomes necessary to re-roof the home will also have problems with water leaking through the flashing. Should your roofer suggest that you need new flashing or pointing, there is probably evidence that water is leaking into the chimney through the point where the chimney meets the roof (flashing) or that the mortar holding bricks together has eroded away. Whether or not you currently use your fireplace, the perfect time to have these repairs done is during re-roofing. The reason for this is to ensure a watertight covering at the top of your home to prevent water damage on all fronts.

Fascia and Soffit

Oftentimes a faulty roofing system can cause damage to both the fascia and soffit. This may not seem important for other than cosmetic reasons, but both the fascia and soffit are an integral functioning part of the roof. Fascia is that baseboard which runs along the perimeter of the roof, mounted to the rafters on the exposed ends. Soffit is the underside of the roof where it projects out from the sides of the house. Not all roofs have fascia and soffit, but if your roof is constructed with them, chances are you will need at least portions replaced when re-roofing your home. Bear in mind that they are part of the protective barrier that keeps water from seeping into the structure.

Guttering System

Next on the re-roofing checklist for homeowners is the guttering system. Replacing a faulty guttering system usually goes part and parcel with replacing and repairing the fascia and soffit. Many times the guttering has invisible connectors which are installed during the same process as the soffit and fascia. If you have doubts as to whether or not you truly need a new guttering system, take a look at the ground directly around the perimeter of your home. The litmus test for faulty guttering is evidence of any soil erosion. If water is pooling and causing indentations in the soil, you can bet it is probably due to leaky gutters. If water is ponding that close to the home, there is a real possiblility that the foundation could become compromised.


Now then, here’s one which many of us don’t stop to consider in terms of roofing! If your loft or attic is improperly ventilated near the roof, you leave your home exposed to moisture building up in that area. Not only can this result in structural warping and damage, but it could also be the ultimate cause of black mold. There are a number of ways in which that area can be ventilated and each system may be determined by the type of roof and attic you have. There may be several solutions to your ventilation problems, so take the time to discuss them with your roofer to find the one that suits you in terms of design and cost.

Repairing Structural Damage

If the water leakage has been extensive and ongoing over a long period of time, there is every possibility that your rafters and cross-beams may also have sustained damage and become warped. Your roofer may suggest that certain areas in the rafters and/or cross-beams need to be replaced. The ideal time to do this is when the current roof has been stripped which exposes the wood and thereby enabling easy access for repairs. It is not always necessary to repair structural damage and usually only reserved for major damage which could lead to further problems.

Insulation and Loft Conversions

Many times homeowners have a problem with climate control in their homes. If the roof of the home is improperly insulated, your roofer may suggest having insulation installed. Another option would be to convert that empty space into extra living quarters. Many qualified roofing companies also do loft conversions and the perfect time to accomplish this is when having your home re-roofed. You would be amazed at how many benefits you can achieve when converting that loft into a cosy area for extra bedrooms, dens, offices or even playrooms. Not only will it become easier to control the temperature throughout the rest of the home, you will be adding value to your property at the same time.

These are just some of the services which a good roofer should keep in mind when quoting an estimate on the services you need during the re-roofing process. Some of them are more important than others, but if you are told that the service is needed to prevent water damage, you can be certain it is significant. Unfortunately, if your roof is in such a state of disrepair to require a total reroofing, the chances are also good that many other services will be required as well. If cost is an issue, talk about options in covering materials and whether or not there are any ways to circumnavigate the peripheral damages. Whether you are re-roofing your home due to the age of the existing roof or in response to noticing water infiltration, this guide should help you to better understand what may be necessary and what may be optional.

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