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Roof Replacement

Gatley, Manchester
May 27, 2017

We were called our to carry out an assessment on a property that urgently needed its roof replacing. Having met the owners, we were able to commence the work within a few days and the project was finished shortly after.

Our roof urgently needed replacing when we called Tim from Rooftime. He and his team arrived to asses the situation the following morning and the work itself was finished within a few days. Very pleased with the results, would definitely recommend them.


24 Hour Call Out

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Here at Rooftime, we have a qualified team of professional roofers that are available 24/7. Should you notice damage to your roof and need to have it repaired, our team is available at those times when emergency repairs require immediate attention. If the contents of your home or business are in jeopardy due to sudden structural damage to your roof covering, all the more reason to get Rooftime on the job before sustaining loss which could have been avoided.

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