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Conservatory Roof Replacement

July 6, 2017

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We replaced an old roof on a conservatory which was leaking and getting mouldy due to condensation. A new conservatory roof can help with all common issues such as reducing condensation and noise levels, which can be welcome if you live in a close proximity to Manchester Airport and its fly paths.

We are local roofers from Stockport and we’ve had over 20 years experience rebuilding and fixing roofs in East Cheshire area.

If you’re experiencing any issues with your roof, get in touch and we can assess the situation. We also provide 24/7 call outs to ensure any emergencies are dealt with immediately.

Tim and lads from Rooftime have done such a great job on our conservatory roof!


24 Hour Call Out

Call 07831 763 189 for emergency repairs

Here at Rooftime, we have a qualified team of professional roofers that are available 24/7. Should you notice damage to your roof and need to have it repaired, our team is available at those times when emergency repairs require immediate attention. If the contents of your home or business are in jeopardy due to sudden structural damage to your roof covering, all the more reason to get Rooftime on the job before sustaining loss which could have been avoided.

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